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Congratulations to Susheela Raman!!  

SALT RAIN marks the debut of an extraordinary new talent on the world music scene.  A singer born in the U.K. to South Indian parents, Susheela Raman's bold and sensuous voice weaves the music of India with sounds from her Western upbringing, celebrating the collision of European, African, and Asian musical cultures.  Empowered by her Indian classical training but not limited by it, Susheela maps out a new musical landscape of intense beauty and invention.  

SALT RAIN is the culmination of a three-year collaboration between Susheela Raman and Real World producer/guitarist Sam Mills.

"I was born in London in 1973 to South Indian parents.  My family moved to Australia when I was very young and were eager to keep our Tamil culture alive.  I grew up singing South Indian classical music and began giving recitals at an early age.  As a teenager, I branched out into more blues-based music, which demanded quite different voice techniques.  The question, then, was how to bring these streams together.  In 1995, I went to India to study with Shruti Sadolikar, one of the greatest living Hindustani vocalists.  This was a challenging experience as I had to let go of what I thought I knew and find a new, more insightful approach to my craft.

SALT RAIN was recorded between October and December 2000. We were lucky to collaborate with some unique musicians who live mostly in London and Paris but are of diverse origins:  Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, India, Romania, France, Greece, Egypt, Kenya, America, and Spain.  Any record is a meeting of many minds and, now more than ever, it is networks of people, not just individuals that spark new and exciting work. Everyone brought their own special energy to the music and I am very proud of what we all worked together to create."

               -Susheela Raman

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  1 Ganapati
  2 Maya
3 Mamavatu
  4 Woman
5 Mahima
6 Trust in Me
7 Bolo Bolo
8 Salt Rain
9 Kamakshi
10 Nagumomo
11 O Rama
12 Song to the Siren
Artists and Instrumentation

Susheela Raman -  voice, tanpura
Sam Mills - guitar
Hilaire Penda - bass, backing vocals, acoustic bass solo on Nagumomo
Djanuno Dabo - bongos, congas, surdo, claypot, shakers, backing vocals
Aref Durvesh - tabla, dholak, and speaking bols on Ganapati
Vincent Segal - cellos and cello arrangements
Ayub Ogada - guest vocal on O Rama; Nyatiti on Orama and Bolo Bolo
Hossam Ramzi - Egyptian percussion on Trust in Me and Woman
Sandhya Sanjana - backing vocals and vocal FX solo on Woman
Marque Gilmore - drums on Ganapati and Mahima
Michel Fernandez - cajon on Salt Rain
Manos Achalinotopoulos - clarinet on Maya and Kamakshi
Julia Thornton - harp on Trust in Me
Don Dieu Le Divin - Fender Rhodes on Salt Rain and Nagumomo



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